#Cycling For Better #Health | Top 20 Benefits of Cycling | Go Biking Live Long and Healthy

#Cycling For Better #Health | Top 20 Benefits of Cycling | Go Biking Live Long and Healthy

Cycling bring you great health benifits. Cycling for a Healthy Life, watch this Top 20 great benefits of cycling. Go Biking-Live Long/A Good Muscle Workout/Healthy Heart/Lose Weight for all Ages.
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For many people, the main reason that they start any form of exercise is because they wish to burn fat is often the main aim.
So how can cycling help? In short, cycling is one of the most complete body workouts, which means that you can burn fat from all over your body if you do it right.

How Does Cycling Burn Fat?
Cycling is a form of cardiovascular exercise, which means that as long as you cycle at a quick enough speed or on a steep enough gradient to get your heart beating faster, you will start to burn fat and lose weight. Not only that, more blood will be pumped to your heart resulting in reduction of cholesterol making your heart healthy. After all, your legs, arms and entire core are constantly engaged whenever you head out for a ride, a combination that serves you well to burn more calories and help you get leaner.

How Much Fat Can I Burn?
A lot of it depends on the distance that you ride and the speed that you ride at. Furthermore, you will burn more fat riding uphill than you would on a flat or going downhill.

Which muscle do the work!
1.Quads do most of the work at the top of the stroke. 2 & 3.Glutes & calves take over as your pedal approaches. 4.Hamstrings sweeps the pedal 5.Hip flexors help lift the pedal to the top 6 & 7.Muscle strength and flexibility at both knee & ankle joints

20 Benefits of Cycling

1.Cycling builds full-body strength
2.Increase cardiovascular fitness
3.Great for the heart:Strengthens the muscle of your heart
4.Improves general muscle function
5.Strengthens leg muscles and is great for the mobility of hip and knee joints
6.Helps combat many common health ailments and cancers
7.Lower risk of developing diabetes
8.Burns calories:Steady cycling burns approximately 300 calories per hour
9.Builds stamina: Cycling is a good way to build stamina
10.Helps fight depression:such as depression, stress and anxiety
11.Remedy for Arthritis:regular cycling prevents & reduce risk of arthritis
12.Increase your brain power:Helps build new brain cells in the hippocampus
13.Activate sex life:cycling knock-on effect of boosting your sex drive
14.Reduce Obesity:increases stress on belly reducing obesity
15.Beat illness:Moderate cycling makes immune cells more active
16.Boost bowels:helps to stimulate the contraction of intestinal muscles
17.Look younger:delivers oxygen and nutrients to skin cells flushing out harmful toxins
18.Sleep deeply:Helps to catch quality sleep
19.Strengthen Bones:improves strength, balance and coordination
20.Low-impact:Riding is healthy,fun and a low-impact form of exercise for all ages

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