Here are my top 10 tips for starting a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable long-term!
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Hey kids! I’m Kristee, a 22 year old grad student living in DC. On my channel you’ll find fun lifestyle, college, and fitness videos, plus anything else I want to document in this video diary of my life along the way!

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How tall am I?
5′ 3″

When did I start losing weight?
June 9, 2017 after I graduated college.

What am I doing in DC?
Getting my Master’s in Foreign Policy from American University!

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  1. I also wanted to add my own tip that has really helped me. I suffer from heavy gym intimidation and I had to change my mindset from "I need to go lift weights and not do cardio and do things a certain way" to "what do I feel like doing today, for me?" I’m no longer embarrassed if I go to the gym and just walk on the treadmill for 30 mins and leave or hide away in the empty yoga room doing a youtube workout video because if that’s what I need that day, then that’s fine. Your workout routine does not need to look like anyone else’s because it’s yours.

  2. you’re my fav youtuber and i really struggle with trying to have a healthy lifestyle and you really inspire me 🙂

  3. Thank you, keep up the good work. I’m very inspired by your videos. I started my journey in January but fell off recently. I’m trying to get back at it. I’m going to Pilates tonight which is an exercise class I look forward too! Love that tip

  4. You’re such an inspiration for me, I’ve been struggling with my weight since i was in public school, my journey is always up and down. Lately its been really down, but watching these vlogs are making me want to go up again!

  5. Can you mention some alcoholic drinks that you like that aren’t insanely sugar-y and are more on the "healthier" side?

  6. The whole 80/20 rule has seriously helped me the most. I went from 190lbs to 145lbs, because I allowed myself to be human and not worry about being perfect because I no longer wanted to look at it as a diet and rather a lifestyle. I think that 80/20 mindset also helped me not even care about certain foods anymore because they weren’t viewed as "forbidden" anymore.

  7. I love watching your vlogs so much! I’ve been watching you since 2012 and your new healthy lifestyle has motivated me so much! im currently 10lbs down in mine and your vlogs help me so much! love you! xo

  8. I have watched your videos forever& I’ve always related.. and I just wanna thank you for motivating and inspiring me to change my lifestyle. I knew it needed to happen but I was looking for motivation & I started watching your fitness vloga and such and actually listening and I’ve been sticking with my routine for almost 3 months now! And I’ve lost almost 20 pounds! And I just overall feel so much more better about myself. I even got my mom to partner with me and do it too! You don’t realize how crappy you were treating yourself until you make the change. So thanks for helping me along! 😊 love you & your videos ❤️❤️

  9. I love and admire you so much! I’ve been watching you for years and you’ve grown so much as a person!! You’re amazing 💜

  10. whenever i watch one of your videos it 100% motivates me but then i realize im on youtube and then just fall into that hole of youtube videos and end up watching hours on hours of videos but i still love you 🙂

  11. Hey Kristee! You talk about physical health a ton which is awesome but i think it would also be cool if you made a video about mental health. I know a lot of your viewers are high school and college age and mental health is definitely something that people start to struggle with around this time. Love your videos!

  12. Your videos help me get through cardio, I love watching these at the gym! They motivate me so much!

  13. I’m so happy I found your vlogs!!! I went out and bought apple cider vinegar right after I binge watched a shit ton of your vids. I live in jersey and I’ve been literally also talking about the weather way too much!!!!! Haha can’t wait for tommorow yay 😁

  14. Do you get eczema? I get it on my hands and its a real pain, especially when training.Although I constantly moisturizer its a battle :/

  15. You’re the best. Such an inspiration, I started eating better slowly after watching your journey. Now that I have my range of motion back, I got a gym membership and I’m seeing a personal trainer just to jumpstart my workout plan. Totally agree that when I have no time I grab the first thing I see which is usually unhealthy. I need more recipes to make though. Maybe you could do a cook with me video. Can’t thank you enough, keep being you.

  16. i love your videos!! you’re so real and its so refreshing, i always look forward to your videos <3

  17. I love your videos, you’re literally one of the three you tubers I actually keep up with and genuinely enjoy watching. I’ve been trying to lose weight for the last year and your videos have really helped me stay on track, especially the last couple of months! I’m sure this comment will get lost in the sea of others but I just wanted to say thanks 😁

  18. I’ve actually never been so angry I just went on a trip to D.C. a few weeks ago and the whole time before I was thinking like omg what if I see Kristee which I know was a slim chance but it still would’ve been cool to know someone who was there at the same time as me but literally the e x a c t same time I was in D.C. you were in California. I’ve never been so angry about something and no one cares but I just had to let out my feelings. Every time I see you out by monuments I just think how I was there also and cry silently, I walked into the Jefferson memorial between the exact pillar/spot you did in this vlog. I’m crying inside I wish I could’ve seen you even if I couldn’t say hi :’)

  19. Would you ever consider trying Hello Fresh and doing a video on that?? That would be a cool cooking with Kristee video!

  20. “Every time I gesture with a knife I just think I’m Norman Bates” 😂😂😂 Your random one liners are the best

  21. I started out by dancing in my bedroom for an hour. I like it, it helps with stress, nobody stares at me (if you have insecurity issues it’s the best)

  22. Love this! Keep them coming! I love how it’s not just a vlog, you actually revolve it around an educational topic and i love it! Thanks so much!!

  23. Have you ever thought about intermittent fasting??? I’ve been doing research on it and might try it out 😜

  24. I’m sure you have said this before but where did you get that tan cozy jacket that you always wear?!?

  25. LOVE how you promote a healthy lifestyle instead of just pushing for losing weight fast, one week crash diet, bikini bod in 6 weeks, etc. This is so so much more healthier and realistic!

  26. I’ve been watching you every week since you started this journey and your tips have helped me so much! You’re so real, honest, and positive. You’re amazing keep killing it girl!

  27. Kristee I actually love you soooo much and you’re so self-motivated I love it. Please please please for me watch What the Health, I just want the best for you bc I love u 🙂

  28. Kristee today I received my rose gold wireless earphones in the mail from Amazon and bought sweet potato chips and a pouch of tuna to snack on… i’m becoming u

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